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An award-winning interactive experience about Leonardo da Vinci 

Leonardo da Vinci is considered one of the greatest geniuses of all time. His innovations and inventions are legendary, seamlessly combining science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and art in his work long before it was seen as revolutionary.

This award-winning interactive art experience from Berlin showcases over 50 of da Vinci’s most cherished creations, including The Litta Madonna, Virgin of the Rocks, The Baptism of Christ, his ornithopter, and many more.

Artentainment, relevant today

We connect da Vinci’s iconic works & ideas from the Renaissance era to our modern world, today.


Fully immerse yourself in the storyline

Audiovisual storytelling and compelling chapters draw you into the narrative of the show.


Touchable, playable and AI interactions

Discover an exclusive interactive experience in Amsterdam, where advanced AI and cutting-edge technology enable direct engagement with virtual show elements.

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Sail down the Amstel River: Da Vinci Genius Cruise

Enjoy the scenic Amsterdams canals before immersing in da Vinci's brilliance at Da Vinci Genius. Learn more: Plan Your Visit -> About The Show.

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