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Ontwerp zonder titel 16

22 May, 2024

Leonardo da Vinci’s achievements in painting, music, sculpture, engineering, ecology, astronomy, and futuristic predictions are awe-inspiring. Those who visit DA VINCI: GENIUS will get to witness the realization of his groundbreaking ideas. Through interactive technology and floor-to-ceiling projections, iconic art masterpieces like the ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘The Last Supper’ are rediscovered in a captivating manner. The immersive experience extends to da Vinci’s exploration of the natural world, engineering marvels, and ventures into space, creating a truly interactive and engaging art space.
DA VINCI: GENIUS incorporates the latest AI technology, digital projections, and 360-degree spatial audio immersion to inspire visitors to see the contemporary world through da Vinci’s eyes. It serves as a reminder that many of the global challenges we face today were foreseen more than 500 years ago by da Vinci’s profoundly gifted mind. The show premiered in Berlin in 2022 with great success and received two awards; Best Immersive Experience (Art Directors Club, 2022) and Best Experimental Design (Creative Pool Awards, 2022).

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